Providing Cost Effective Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems

DebonAir UAS is committed to designing and building efficient, high quality, and low cost unmanned systems for a growing world market. In the past, the unmanned aerial systems industry was in large part dictated by the wants and needs of governmental bodies and large corporate interests. As a result, unmanned aerial systems have traditionally been very costly to develop, own and operate. Today, however, the industry is rapidly changing due to the call for more cost effective systems, in response to global economic changes. Fortunately, for those seeking and currently utilizing unmanned systems, modern advancements in hardware and software technology are greatly reducing the costs of developing and building arguably some of the most complex systems to date. Minimizing overall cost while keeping up with technological advancement is an issue that DebonAir UAS Inc. is committed to addressing. DebonAir is determined to push the advancement of unmanned automated systems beyond that of search and destroy, or surveillance. We are designing and building unmanned systems that are equipped to perform a wide variety of operations for a host of applications. At DebonAir we are focused on helping to usher in a rapidly evolving technology for the use and benefit of a broader consumer market.


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